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The Chiropractic Centre, Oadby was founded by Neil Painter, who now has over 40 years’ experience. Neil is still enthusiastic about the benefits of chiropractic treatment and is the lead practitioner at the Chiropractic Centre. Neil is a member of the British Chiropractic Association and registered with the General Chiropractic Council. Neil provides friendly expertise and support to a variety of patients, all with dfferent problems and from every walk of life. Neil can provide expert care for conditions including back pain (lumbago), neck pain and associated headaches to joint pain (e.g. hip, knee, shoulder and elbow) and other general aches and pains. During his career as a Chiropractor, Neil has worked hard to build relationships with other highly experienced practitioners in Leicester. When in the best interest of a patient; Neil can easily refer to GPs, specialists, and other healthcare practitioners when their expertise should be called upon.

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